2017 Real Estate / Personal Property Taxes Due March 9th, 2017

This is just a friendly reminder that the second installment of your real estate and/or personal property taxes is due by Thursday March 9th, 2017.  Please refer to your 2017 tax bill that you received this past August for remittance advice.  If you have questions please contact the Tax Collectors office 669-6620.  Tax bills can also be looked up on our website:  https://mss.ellsworthmaine.gov/MSS/citizens/RealEstate.

Ellsworth News

Homestead Exemption Reminder

Residents who have owned a home in Ellsworth, Maine for at least 12 months may qualify for the Homestead Exemption. The application is quick and easy. Just answer a few questions to confirm your residency status and return application to the Assessor prior to April... ....Read More

2017 Heavy Loads Limited

CITY OF ELLSWORTH 2017 NOTICE HEAVY LOADS LIMITED Effective FEBRUARY 13, 2017, the following public ways in Ellsworth are closed to heavy loads except when solidly frozen: Addie Road Alton Avenue American Avenue Atlantic Highway Autumn Road Beechland Road Bohn Road Bridgetwin Road Boggy Brook... ....Read More

2017 State of Maine Dog Licenses are Now Available

2017 STATE OF MAINE DOG LICENSES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN THE ELLSWORTH CITY CLERK’S DEPARTMENT Licenses must be renewed before February 1, 2017, to avoid a $25.00 late fee per dog in the family. Ellsworth residents may obtain a new dog license or renew their... ....Read More

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