Tax Acquired Timeshare Sale!

SALE! The City of Ellsworth has a number of tax-acquired timeshares available for sale. Grab a unit today for only $100! These are flying off the list so come in soon to get yours! Contact Ginny Derise – Deputy Tax Collector for more information 669-6620. Use the link below for the latest available list of tax acquired properties for sale.

Tax Acquired Properties for Sale

Ellsworth News

Asphalt Patching Update

During the week of June 4th 2018, the water and highway departments will continue to work on patching parts of the road that were opened up for utility work during the winter months.  Monday June 4th, 2018 Surry Road will be patched at the intersection... ....Read More

Water Street Parking Lot Construction Update

The week of June 4th, 2018 will be a very busy time for construction.  The contractor will be excavating the remaining areas to be paved including behind the building on Main Street and the alley.  After the excavation is complete they will begin placing the... ....Read More

Knowlton Park Splash Pad Open for 2018!

The Knowlton Park splash pad and comfort station is now open for the summer of 2018!  The splash pad operates everyday between 10AM and 8PM unless the temperature falls below 65, which it will then automatically shut off until the temperature rises again. ....Read More

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