The Harbor Commission consists of 7 full members and 3 alternate members. The Commission serves as an advisory Board to the Harbormaster and the City Council, establishes operational policy and procedures, budgets and capital improvement priorities for the Harbor and Harbor Park.

The Commission meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in City Hall. All meetings are open to the public.

  • Members
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  • (Includes term expiration dates.)

    James Bergin (06/30/2019)

    Robert Merrill (06/30/2019)

    Arthur Corliss (06/30/2018)

    R. Fred Ehrlenbach (06/30/2018)

    Frank Pierson (06/30/2017)

    Candy Perkins (06/30/2017)

    Mark Remick – Chairman (06/30/2017)


    Steve Henry (06/30/2017)

    Vacant (06/30/2017)

    Vacant (06/30/2017)

    City Council Members

    John Moore

    John Phillips

    Staff Members

    Adam Wilson

    Tammy Mote

  • How Do I Reserve Harbor Park?

    Call or stop by City Hall or the Harbormaster’s office and pick up a Harbor Park Reservation application.

    The Harbormaster will let you know if your requested date is available and will go over the requirements for using the park with you.

    How Do I Get a Mooring in Ellsworth Harbor?

    Call or stop by the Harbormaster’s office and pick up a waiting list application.

    All waiting lists are updated in the spring. To remain on the list you must fill out an application every year.

    When an appropriately sized spot becomes available, we will notify you and send you a MOORING application.

    The City will rent you the spot, the Harbormaster will assign a location for you.

    You will then need to buy or build a mooring to City specifications and be responsible for setting and maintaining it.

    How Do I Reserve Dock or Slip Space?

    To reserve a dock or slip space in Ellsworth’s Harbor Marina, call or stop by the Harbormaster’s office during the week (May to October). Office hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Phone 207-667-6311.