The Recreation Commission promotes recreation activities within the City of Ellsworth. The Commission sponsors activities and collaborates with area groups and organizations to encourage recreational activities within the community and at city-owned recreational facilities.

  • Members
  • Facilities
  • (Includes term expiration dates.)

    Robert Hessler (06/30/2017)

    Brett Alexander (06/30/2017)

    Uriah Hon (06/30/2017)

    Morgan Sarro (06/30/2017)

    Rob Hudson (06/30/2017)

    April Clifford (06/30/2017)

    Will Houston (06/30/2018)

    Amy Phillips (06/30/2018)

    Jonathan Mahon (06/30/2018)

    City Council Members

    Marc Blanchette

    Gary Fortier

    Staff Member

    Tammy Mote

  • Harbor Park

    Demeyer Field

    Knowlton Park

    Branch Lake Public Forest