Heidi Noel Grindle
City Clerk

The City Clerk's Office is located in Ellsworth City Hall at 1 City Hall Plaza.

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City Ordinances

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  1. City Seal
  2. Building Code (Repealed 07-01-2012)
  3. Harbor Ordinance
    Harbor Fee Schedule
  4. Fire Prevention Codes and Ordinances
  5. Sewer Ordinance
  6. Sanitation of Public Eating and Drinking Places (Repealed)
  7. Traffic Code
  8. Taxicab Ordinance
  9. Sign Ordinance(Repealed)
  10. Ordinance for the Maintenance, Administration and Disposition of Tax Acquired Property
  11. Use of Streets
  12. Closing of Ways
  13. Office of Code Enforcement
  14. Licenses and Permits
  15. Dumping
  16. Cemetery Ordinance
  17. City Engineer (Repealed 05-17-2010)
  18. Planning Board

  19. Miscellaneous/Enactment
  20. Mobile Home Park and Campground Ordinance (Repealed 5-16-2011)
  21. Animal Control Ordinance
  22. Noise
  23. Regulation of Handbills
  24. Discharge of Firearms
  25. Plumbing and Septic System Permit Fees
  26. Parade Ordinance
  27. Subdivision Ordinance
  28. Regulation of City-Owned Land
  29. Department of Tax Assessment
  30. Recreation Commission
  31. Solicitation of Signatures during Elections (Repealed 02-13-2006)
  32. Floodplain Management Ordinance
  33. Personnel Ordinance
  34. Street Design and Construction Standards (Repealed-- See Ch 56, Article 0900)
  35. General Assistance Ordinance
    Appendices (A-F)
    Appendices (G-I)
  36. Special Amusement Permit Ordinance
  37. Board of Appeals
  38. Historic Preservation Ordinance
    Application for Certificate of Appropriateness
    Application for Historic Preservation Designation
  39. Code of Ethics
  40. Electrical Installation and Inspection Ordinance
  41. Solid Waste Management Ordinance
  42. Tree Ordinance
  43. Maintenance of Certain Public Easements
  44. Street Light Ordinance
  45. Paid Sexual Contact
  46. Smoking in Buildings
  47. Rotational Towing
    Towing Fee Schedule
  48. Cable Television
  49. Fund Balance
  50. Registration Board of Appeals
  51. Branch Lake Emergency Response
  52. Water Ordinance (Expired)
  53. Development Fee
  54. Public Water Supply Protection
  55. Unified Development Ordinance Table of Contents
  56. Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Conservation Ordinance
  57. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Ordinance
  58. Consumer Fireworks and Commercial Outdoor Public Fireworks/Pyrotechnics Display
    1. Moratorium: Sale, Possession and Use of Consumer Fireworks (Repealed 4-16-2012)
  59. Property Maintenance Ordinance


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