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The City of Ellsworth is offering for sale 61 timeshares and one mobile home in Ellsworth acquired for non-payment of real estate taxes.  The timeshares and mobile home are being sold on a first come, first serve basis.  Information regarding the properties available and the sale prices can be obtained…
Sales data of Real Estate transactions is available here in the following formats: PDF Excel Spreadsheet
Unified Development Ordinance ADMINISTRATIVE SECTIONS DRAFT: Ch. 56 Article I Purpose and Authority DRAFT: Ch. 56 Article II Procedures Background Materials for recent ordinance changes Click Here. Zoning Update Committee Member list
Why have a property tax? What Property is taxed? How is property assessed?(market value) How is the mill rate (tax rate) determined? How does my property value (valuation) affect the amount of taxes I pay? What services do property taxes fund? Why do assessed values change from year to year?…
To locate a property record card using EGIS you may search by the 12 digit map, lot, block, unit number; for example Map 1 Lot 3 would be 001003000000: by owner name or by location; for example 1 City Hall Plaza.  Once you have entered your search fields please click…
Real Estate Data Our real estate data is available online for you to search by individual or group record in optional formats: Access Real Estate Database. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet Tab-delimited text file for import into other spreadsheet software  For official deed information please visit the Hancock County Registry of Deeds.…
The act of tampering with a smoke detector, such as removing a battery, disconnecting the electrical power supply, or in any way interfering with its ability to detect smoke may place all occupants of an apartment building at risk. This is especially so in larger apartment buildings where many people…

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