City of Ellsworth Ward Two including Fletchers Landing Township Voters

Registered voters of Ward 2 & Fletcher’s Landing Township will now vote at Your Place Community Center, 4 Old Mill Road – behind Sunrise Glass). Previous polling place was Community of Christ Church which is located at 283 State Street (between Hammond Lumber & the Ellsworth High School).

Please contact The City Clerk’s Office at 207-669-6604 with any questions.

CITY OF ELLSWORTH Streets included as Ward Two

AMETHYST WAY                               BALSAM WAY                                                    BANGOR RD  (numbers 1-179)

BENOIT WAY                                      BLACK ISLAND WAY                                         BOYNTON WAY

BRIDGETWIN RD                               BRIMMER POINT WAY                                    BROOKS END WAY

BROWN WAY                                     CAMPBELL’S WAY                                            CHRISTIAN RIDGE RD (numbers 265-446)

CHRISTOPHERS WAY                       CONDON WAY                                                   COOKS LN

CRAWFISH WAY                                CROWELL WAY                                                  CRYSTAL WAY

CUFF’S WAY                                       DANICO LN                                                         DIAMOND WAY

EAGLE RD                                            EVERGREEN WAY                                             FARRELL WAY

FIELDSTONE RD                                 FLOWER WAY                                                    GARLAND RD

GARY MOORE RD                             GATOR WAY                                                       GOLDEN WAY

GRAHAM WAY                                  GREENLAKE CAMPING WAY                        GRINDLE RD

GROVE WAY                                       GUPTIL FARM RD                                              HALLBROOK WAY

HANNAH WAY                                   HATCHERY WAY                                                HIGGINS WAY

INFANT ST                                           IRVING WAY                                                       ISLAND VIEW WAY

JESSES BEACH WAY                          KEISER WAY                                                        KIDS PEACE WAY

KINGS COURT WAY                          KOTAGIRI WAY                                                  KYLIES WAY

LADY SLIPPER WAY                          LAFFIN WAY                                                       LAKES LN

LAKEWOOD WAY                              LOON COVE WAY                                             MARIAVILLE RD

MILKY WAY                                         MITCHELLS WAY                                               MOONLIT WAY

NATURES WAY                                  NOAHS WAY                                                       NORTH ST

NORTHEAST COVE WAY                 OKANE WAY                                                       OLD MILL RD

OVERLOOK WAY                               PADDLEBOAT POINT WAY                             PATRIOT RD

PEARL WAY                                         PERIWINKLE WAY                                             PORCUPINE COVE WAY

PUMP STATION POINT                   RAND WAY                                                          RUBY WAY

RUSSIAN RD                                       SAILOR WAY                                                       SCOTTS NECK WAY

SENNETT WAY                                   SHORE RD (numbers 170-1456)                  SILVER WAY

STATE ST (numbers 359-428)       STEAMBOAT WAY                                            STRAWBERRY WAY

SUNSET PARK RD                              TULIP WAY                                                          TURKEY HILL WAY

TURQUOISE WAY                             UPLAND WAY                                                    VOGT WAY

WEYMOUTH WAY                            WHITMORE WAY                                              WILDER WAY


FLETCHERS LANDING TWP (T8 SD) Streets included as Ward Two

DANAS LEDGE RD                             DRIFTWOOD WAY                                            FLETCHERS LANDING RD

HANALEI DRIVE                                 HUMMINGBIRD LN                                         JOSHUAS WAY

LILY WAY                                             LOIS LN                                                                 LOW HILL LN

MOON DR                                           MYRNAS WAY                                                    PENINSULA DR

PIGEON RD                                         POVERTY WAY                                                   RANKIN ROAD

SARI LN                                                 SECLUDED WAY                                                 SHAPAZIAN WAY

TURKEY LANE                                     WHITE PERCH WAY                                          WINDEMERE WAY