Shore Road Closure

8/9/2022 8:16AM: Due to a failed culvert, Shore Road will be CLOSED to through traffic from Pond Ave to Forrest Ave while public works crews work to replace it. This is in the vicinity of the Ellsworth Elementary Middle School. We estimate the road will be closed for the next day or two.

City of Ellsworth

The Ellsworth Police Department is hiring for a Patrol Officer and offers attractive employment packages for experienced police officers through lateral entries. The Department holds agency accreditation through MLEAP and is a proactive, professional department dedicated to the Core Values of Integrity, Professionalism and Community Service.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality community focused police services.

We are also accepting applications for non-police academy graduates who if hired would be attending the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (Step A – 26.85 non-police academy graduates). Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Applications are available online at:

Application Deadline – open

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division work a 12 hour shift based on a 14 day rotation.  (Two on, Two off, Three on, Two off, Two on, Three off Providing every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday off)

Wages and Vacation time upon hire date.

For the purposes of calculating lateral entry, only completed years of full time police service is considered. Lateral Entry is set at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Steps C (first year) through step J (year 25) range from $28.27/hr with 90 hours vacation to $33.34/hr with 210 hours vacation.

The City also offers shift differential pay of .25 and .50 cents dependent upon shift.

The City offers college and military incentive of .25 cents an hour.

The Ellsworth Police Department offers a competitive benefit package in additional to lateral entry opportunities:

The City participates in the State of Maine Retirement Program Plan 2C (25 years of service, no age at 50% top three years with COLA).

Alternatively, the employee may elect to participate in the International City Management Associations Retirement program offered, in lieu of Maine State Retirement. The city’s contribution shall be 8.0% and the employee shall contribute no less than 6.5%.

The city has established a Retirement Health Savings plan. The City contributes 3% of the employee’s gross weekly wages to the ICMA account.

Holidays: Employees have 11 “floating” holidays. They holidays can be banked as comp time or the employee can choose to be paid.

  • Sick Leave:
    Sick leave accrues at the rate of one day of paid sick leave for each full calendar month of employment to a maximum of 1000 hours, to be used for personal illness or physical incapacity of such a degree as to render the employee unable to perform the duties of his/her position. If not sick leave is used for 6 months the employee will earn a bonus day off.
  • Family Sick Leave:
    Up to five (5) additional days each year may be taken by an employee when the ill health of a member of the employee’s immediate family requires the employee’s care.
  • Compensatory Time Off:
    Most overtime may be compensated at the request of the employee, by compensatory time off, computed in the same manner as financial compensation would otherwise have been computed.
  • Vacation Time:
    After the completion of one year of continuous full time employment (90hrs).  After completion of 5 years (130hrs).  After completion of 10 years (170hrs).  After completion of 15 years (190hrs).

A group health insurance program is available to full-time regular employees. The City’s base health insurance plan is the Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust Preferred Provider Option (PPO 2500) plan or equivalent policy. Employees who wish to receive health insurance under the base plan will pay a portion of the total health insurance premium cost:

Single (employee) employee pays 15%

Employee & Children employee pays 21%

Family employee pays 21%

**Full-time regular employees electing to participate in the PPO 2500 plan shall receive access to a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA).

HRA Single Annual Funding: $4,500

HRA Employee w/ Children Annual Funding: $9,000

HRA Family Annual Funding: $9,000

Officers assigned to the Patrol Division work a 12 hour shift based on a 14 day rotation.  Providing every other Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

Interested parties should apply on line at –

The City of Ellsworth is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


To apply for this job please visit