Learn about the Comprehensive Plan update progress.  Including the Steering Committee, upcoming meetings, meeting minutes and sub-committee opportunities.


Ellsworth Planning Department
Matthew Williams

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

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2004 Comprehensive Plan

View Ellsworth’s existing Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Committee Member Information

  • The Steering Committee

    Brian Langley
    Committee Chair

    Jennifer Sala
    Committee Vice Chair

    John DeLeo
    Committee Member / Planning Board Member

    Rick Lyles
    Committee Member / Planning Board Member

    Casey Hanson
    Committee Member / City Councilor

    Jon Stein
    Committee Member / City Councilor

    Nick Turner
    Committee Member

    Paul Markosian
    Committee Member

    Nancy Smith
    Committee Member

    Eric Marichal
    Committee Member

    Levi Rogers
    Committee Member

    Erin Witham
    Committee Member

    Roles and Responsibilities Steering Committee 01-2023

  • Sub-Committees

    Join the Comprehensive Plan Subcommittees as they discuss several topics relevant to Ellsworth. All meetings are open to the public.

    Policy and Strategy Recommendations (PDF)

    Subcommittee Meeting Schedule:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Comprehensive Plan?

    The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to provide a community with the opportunity to reflect on its past strengths and areas for improvement while also creating actionable steps to address current priorities. The process should preserve sense of place, history, and natural resources. The new plan will ultimately become a guide for future growth and development, covering subjects such as, but not limited to, land use, zoning, capacity and expansion of utilities, economic development, transportation, housing, recreation, capital budgeting, provision for municipal services and facilities, and regional coordination. The plan will also formulate a direction for effective public policy, master planning, and land use decisions for the future. The planning process will highlight strong community engagement that involves residents and stakeholders in crafting a plan that truly mirrors the needs and values of the city today as it prepares for the opportunities of tomorrow.

  • When does the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee meet?

    5:30PM on the 4th Monday of every month at the Ellsworth City Hall Council Chambers.

  • How can the public participate?

    At every Steering Committee meeting, there will be designated time for the public to provide input.  In addition, when sub-committees are formed these meetings will be driven entirely by public comment and discussion.  Finally, there will be multiple other opportunities for public engagement once a consultant is hired such as surveys, focus groups, etc.

  • Can I attend meetings remotely?

    You can attend remotely via a zoom webinar.  Each meeting will use the following webinar link.


    Webinar ID: 882 7232 0339