City of Ellsworth Management Team

Harbor Park - Harbor Mastor - Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson

Highway Superintendent

Charlie Pearce

City Manager

Janna Newman - Assistant to the City Planner

Janna Richards

Economic Development Director

Technology - Technology Systems Administrator - Jason Ingalls

Jason Ingalls

IT Systems Administrator

Clerks Office - Deputy City Clerk General Assistance - Katina Howes

Katina Vanadestine

General Assistance Director

Kerri Taylor

Human Resources Manager

Larry Gardner - Assessing

Larry Gardner, CMA

City Assessor

Lori Roberts - Code Enforcement

Lori Roberts

Code Enforcement Officer

Matthew Williams

City Planner

Mike Harris - Water Superintendent

Michael Harris

Wastewater Superintendent

Nate Moore

Acting Finance Director

Reggie Winslow

Water Department Superintendent

Sarah Lesko

Library Director

Scott Guillerault

Fire Chief

Suzanne McLean

Tax Collector

Toni Dyer

City Clerk / Payroll Specialist

Troy Bires

Deputy Chief

Dep. Chief Bires has been working for the Ellsworth Police Department since 1990. Bires worked his first 13 years in patrol specializing in OUI enforcement and becoming the departments first DRE. Bires was assigned to MDEA in 2004 and spent 14 years as an agent and assistant supervisory agent with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. In 2017 Bires was promoted to Captain and currently serves as the Departments second in command.