City of Ellsworth Management Team

City Manager - City Manager - David Cole

David A. Cole

City Manager

Planning - City Planner - Michelle Gagnon

Michele Gagnon

City Planner

Larry Gardner - Assessing

Larry Gardner, CMA

City Assessor

Clerks Office - City Clerk - Heidi Noel Grindle

Heidi Noël Grindle

City Clerk

Technology - Technology Systems Administrator - Jason Ingalls

Jason Ingalls

IT Systems Administrator

Steve Joyal

Facilities Supervisor

Janna Newman - Assistant to the City Planner

Janna Richards

Economic Development Director

Code Enforcement - Code Enforcement Officer - Dwight Tilton

Dwight Tilton

Code Enforcement Officer

Richard Tupper - Fire Chief

Richard Tupper

Fire Chief

Mike Harris - Water Superintendent

Michael Harris

Wastewater Superintendent