Water Main Break

January 30, 2023 – There is a water main break in the Surry Road area. All of Surry Rd. starting at Laurel St has no water, including Westwood Dr., Mountain View Dr., Hillside Dr. and Edaco Ct. After repairs are completed there will be a boil order for some customers. Further info will be posted when available.

Five members serve on the Historic Preservation Commission.  Members who are first appointed shall be designated to serve terms as follows; One for one (1) year, two for two (2) years, and two for three (3) years from the date of their appointment. The Historic Preservation Commission seeks to preserve the architectural, historic, prehistoric and environmental heritage of the City and to develop and promote the cultural, educational and economic benefit of these resources.

  • Members
  • Thomas Clark – Chair
    Term to expire: 6/30/2025
    Date appointed: 6/21/2021
    E-mail: historicpreservation@ellsworthmaine.gov

    Jennifer Sala – Vice-Chair
    Term to expire: 6/30/2024
    Date appointed: 8/15/2022
    E-mail: jennifer.l.sala@gmail.com

    Payden Maddocks-Wilber – Secretary
    Term to expire: 06/30/2023
    Date appointed: 9/12/2022
    E-mail: paydenmw@gmail.com

    Linda Firlotte Grindle
    Term to expire: 06/30/2024
    Date appointed: 9/12/2022
    E-mail: lfgrindle@gmail.com

    1 Vacant Seat

    2 Vacant Alternate Seats

    City Council Member

    Jon Stein, Steven O’Halloran