Five members serve on the Historic Preservation Commission for three year terms. The Historic Preservation Commission seeks to preserve the architectural, historic, prehistoric and environmental heritage of the City and to develop and promote the cultural, educational and economic benefit of these resources.

  • Members
  • (Includes term expiration dates.)

    Carolyn Ackerman, Chairman
    Term to expire: 6/30/2024
    Date appointed: 6/21/2021

    Thomas Clark
    Term to expire: 6/30/2022
    Date appointed: 8/17/2020

    Catherine Fox
    Term to expire: 6/30/2023
    Date appointed: 6/15/2020

    William Fogle
    Term to expire:  6/30/2024
    Date appointed:  6/21/2021

    Terri Cormier
    Term to expire: 6/30/2022
    Date appointed: 6/17/2019

    City Council Member

    Robert Miller