Five members serve on the Historic Preservation Commission for three-year terms. The Historic Preservation Commission ensures the preservation of historic properties in Ellsworth.

  • Members
  • (Includes term expiration dates.)

    Term to expire: TBD
    Date appointed: TBD

    Carolyn Ackerman, Chairman
    Term to expire: 6/30/2021
    Date appointed: 6/18/2018

    Catherine Fox
    Term to expire: 6/30/2020
    Date appointed: 8/20/2018

    William Fogle
    Term to expire:  6/30/2021
    Date appointed:  8/20/2018

    Terri Cormier
    Term to expire: 6/30/2022
    Date appointed: 6/17/2019

    City Council Member

    Robert Miller