Find information on personal property taxes and parcel information as well as real estate and sales data. Learn options for reducing property taxes and find personal property or real estate billing information through our Self Service Portal.

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To notify the Assessing Department of a change of address, complete the Online Change of Address form or download the Assessing Department Change of Address PDF.

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Residents of the City of Ellsworth are required to complete a Personal Property Declaration Form for certain kinds of personal property.

Property assessment and parcel details are available online through the City of Ellsworth GIS Maps and Online Property Information. Using this system you will find tax maps and details of properties within Ellsworth.

For parcels you will find:

  • Property Details
  • Property Record Card
  • Assessment Card
  • Abutters Tool

For help using the Ellsworth GIS Maps and Online Property Information see the User Guide (also located at the top of the screen GIS Maps page).

The City of Ellsworth Citizen Self Service Portal can be used to look up balances and print bills for real estate taxes, personal property taxes and utility bills (water and sewer).

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