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  • Ellsworth Municipal Budget

    The City of Ellsworth operates on a fiscal year that spans from July 1 to June 30. Annually, the city engages in a comprehensive process to formulate an Annual Budget, meticulously outlining both expenses and revenues necessary to provide services throughout the fiscal year.

    This is a collaborative process of active participation from various stakeholders, including city departments, the City Manager, City Councilors, community organizations, and residents. Input from all, especially residents, ensures that the budget is reflective of the needs and priorities of Ellsworth.

    Once city departments, commissions, and community organizations submit their budget plans, the City Manager reviews this information with the Finance Director to create a financial plan. Budget workshops are then scheduled to present the budget requests to the City Council and residents. Residents are encouraged to engage in the budget process through public meetings where they can share their opinions, ask questions, and contribute to the decision-making.

    After the Annual Budget undergoes thorough review and receives the approval of the City Council, it transforms into a legally adopted document. The document not only serves as a financial blueprint for the City, but also embodies the vision of the community.

  • Budget Workshop Notice

     These workshop meetings of the Ellsworth City Council will be held 6:00 PM in the Ellsworth City Hall Council Chambers

     Broadcasting will be available.

    All budget workshops will be broadcast in the same manner as a regular council meeting. As a reminder, these are workshops.  No votes or decisions will be made during these meetings.  Councilors are encouraged to make comments, or suggestions on revisions they would recommend, if any to the department head presenting during each session.

    NEW BUDGET WORKSHOP DATES for budget review: 6/3/2024, 6/4/2024, 6/12/2024, 6/20/2024

    3/18/2024- Council Meeting

    3/19/2024 – Administration (City Hall departments

    3/26/2024 – Fire/EMS

    3/27/2024- Library / Ellsworth School Department

    4/01/2024- Public Works (Highway, Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Watershed, Harbor)

    4/10/2024- Ellsworth School Department (Final)

    4/15/2024- Council Meeting (Ratify ESD budget)

    4/17/2024-Capital/ARPA/TIFF (All Departments)

    4/24/2024- Police Department/Dispatch

    4/29/2024- Recreation (Historic Preservation, Arbor Com., YMCA, The Grand, Chamber, Heart of Ellsworth etc.)

    5/06/2024- Budget Review (As needed); Social Services (WIC, Hospice, Friends in Action, Emmaus, Down East Transportation etc.)

    5/13/2024- Budget Review (As needed)  CANCELLED

    5/22/2024  – Budget Review

    5/29/2024 – Budget Review

    5/20/2024- Council Meeting

    6/3/2024 – Budget Review

    6/4/2024 – Budget Review

    6/12/2024 – Budget Review

    6/20/2024 – Budget Review

    1. Public Meetings – Attend in-person or watch from home.
      1. City Council meetings, held monthly.
      2. City Council Budget Workshops, held in the Spring.
      3. Finance Committee, held weekly.
    2. Engage with your City Councilors to discuss your budget concerns and priorities.
      1. Contact them on the City Council webpage.
    3. Connect with City Departments and information online.
      1. Find contact information for each department on their webpages.
      2. Past budget documents and annual financial reports are available online. See resources below.
      3. Have a question? Call the City at (207)667-2563.
    4. Encourage community involvement!
      1. Tell others how to participate and follow along with the process.

What's a budget presentation like? Check out the FY24 Wastewater Budget Breakdown

Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Book (Managers Draft 5-29-24)
Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Book (Managers Draft 5-29-24)

FY2025 Budget Information