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About the Ellsworth Fiber Network

Ellsworth owns a state of the art fiber optic network that serves a three-mile section of downtown Ellsworth. The network is designed to be flexible and expandable, so as the community’s needs change, the network can grow to accommodate them.

How It Works

The network uses fiber optics – cables made of glass strands as thin as a human hair – to carry pulses of light that transfer information. Fiber optics are the fastest communications technology and also the most easily upgradeable. Using fiber, people can achieve speeds many times faster than their current connection, which likely uses old-fashioned copper wires to carry the data. The Ellsworth network connects to the statewide Three Ring Binder fiber optic network, which in turn connects to the internet.

Internet Service Providers

The Ellsworth network is open access, dark fiber network. Open access means that any internet provider can lease capacity on the network to provide internet services. Dark fiber means that the City only owns the physical network infrastructure and does not directly provide service on the network. The City currently has an agreement with Maine-based GWI as an initial provider. Other providers have expressed interest as well.

Since you’re not limited to one provider, the providers on the network will need to compete for your business, thus helping to lower costs for everyone.

Platform for Growth

The network will position Ellsworth as a technology-friendly city in one of Maine’s most beautiful regions. With access to the best broadband in the world, Ellsworth can attract people who work from home and companies for whom broadband is critical. Over time, as residents and businesses develop interest, the City can work to expand the network to bring world-class broadband throughout Ellsworth.

In addition, fiber optics do not become obsolete. As technologies change and the need for speed increases, all that is needed to upgrade a fiber network is to replace the equipment at either end of the cable. There are fiber optic cables still in service that were originally installed in the 1980s – though they now provide many times more speed than they did when they were installed.

Fiber Network Facts

Strand CountMain network consists of a 144-strand cable. There is a 24-strand cable available as backhaul to Three Ring Binder.
ConnectivityDesignated Multi-Subscriber Terminal access points approximately every 300 feet along the network path. Each access point has two available ports back to the equipment shelter.
Equipment SpaceOne available community equipment rack with space leased per rack unit. ISPs can place their own racks. There is space for approximately 3 additional racks in the shelter.
Power-48VDC GE CPS6000 power plant with 30-50 amp FAP capacity. Additional rack space will require lessees to supply their own fuse panels.
GeneratorGenerac 25kW, propane fired
Battery Backup150 Amp-hour, 48VDC can provide approximately 60-600 minute backup power depending on load
HVACClimate controlled with redundant Marvair 5-ton HVAC system
SecurityPhysical and electronic security measures with alarm monitoring
AccessTenants have 24×7 access to the shelter with unique access code

Where It’s Available

The network serves three miles of downtown Ellsworth, starting at Harbor Park, going north on Water Street, continuing north on State Street, east across Church Street, south on Oak and continuing south on High Street to Beechland Road. Connection points are available at regular intervals along the route.

Lease Options

Leases are available on a per-strand basis for the entire length of the network. In general, strands may only be leased to provide telecommunications services and may not be subleased in any way. Lessees may light leased strands with any technology they desire, including DWDM. Service providers can use the core leased network to build laterals and drops to additional customers. In that case, the provider will own any laterals they build, as well as any drops off those laterals.  Facilities in the shelter are available to be leased as separate add-ons. This includes power and space.

Fiber Leasing

Residential Dark Fiber per strand$15 per month
Business Dark Fiber per strand$30 per month
* There is a Connection fee of $20 for each new Dark Fiber lease.

Fiber Facility Monthly Costs

Monthly ServicePrice
Full Cabinet Rack$800
Half Cabinet Rack$500
Shared Rack Space in Community RackFirst U: $100
U2-U21: $22.50 ea
U22-42:$12.50 ea
DC Power (48V, up to 20 Amps) Per Circuit$100
DC Power (other voltages or greater than 20 Amps) Per CircuitCall for Pricing
* There is a fee of $1,500 for the installation of a Cabinet Rack (either Full or Half). In, addition, the Customer is responsible for the actual purchase price of a Cabinet Rack that matches the existing style in use by the City.

All pricing set forth herein is valid only for services offered to businesses and residents of Ellsworth, Maine.  Pricing for services offered to businesses and residents located outside Ellsworth, Maine will be negotiated on a case by case basis.