The City Clerk’s Department is a public service office that performs a wide variety of department functions and citizen services.  For questions or vital records requests complete the form under the contact tab or email .

Official City Records

Serves as the official record filing center for all City resolutions, ordinances, contracts, minutes and documents adopted by the City Council and handles requests for information regarding official City documents.

Election Administration

Coordinates election procedures for the federal and state elections and administers all aspects of municipal elections.

City Council Meetings

Prepares, reproduces, distributes and archives City Council agendas, agenda packet materials, documents and official meeting minutes.

City Code of Ordinances & Policy Manual

Maintains the Official City Code of Ordinances which serve as the laws and regulations for the City of Ellsworth and a manual of the city-wide policies formally adopted by the City Council.

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  • Toni Dyer

    City Clerk / Payroll Specialist

    Clerks Office - Deputy City Clerk General Assistance - Katina Howes

    Katina Vanadestine

    Deputy City Clerk - General Assistance

    Marcia Monk

    Deputy City Clerk and Administrative Program Coordinator

  • Elections

    Coordinates all aspects of city, state and federal elections.

    Vital Records

    Obtains and preserves documentary evidence concerning births, marriages and deaths that is necessary to protect the legal rights of individuals.

    Hunting and Fishing Licenses

    Distributes hunting and fishing licenses.

    Dog Licensing

    Provides licenses for dogs over 6 months old residing in Ellsworth.

    Business Licensing

    Works with city departments to ensure inspection and regulatory requirements are met prior to the City licensing certain businesses to operate in Ellsworth.

    General Assistance

    Provide assistance for individuals or families who are unable to provide for their basic needs such as utility bills (electricity and heat), food and housing.

  • How do I register to vote?

    Residents of Ellsworth may register to vote at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall during regular business hours. Proof of residency and proof of identity is required, such as a driver’s license indicating a physical street address in Ellsworth (not a post office box mailing address). If your driver’s license shows a previous address, please bring other documents (check book, utility bills, etc.) that show your Ellsworth address. For more information on the State of Maine regulations of Voter Eligibility, click here.

    If you are currently registered and wish to change any information, such as married name or residence address, that is pertinent to your voting record, please visit the Clerk’s office or mail the new information to City of Ellsworth, City Clerks Office, 1 City Hall Plaza, Ellsworth ME 04605.

    Currently, there are three official political parties within the State of Maine – Democrat, Green-Independent, and Republican. Registered voters may enroll in one of these three political parties. Voters who wish to register to vote do not have to select a political party. Voters can be registered to vote, but do not have to be enrolled in a political party. The employees in the City Clerk’s Office can not to answer questions for citizens regarding the purposes and objectives of the various political parties in Maine.

    Ellsworth voters with questions regarding activities of the local political parties are encouraged to contact their local party chairperson, or click on the following links for additional information about each political party:

    Maine Democratic Party
    Maine Green-Independent Party
    Maine Republican Party

    What documents are needed to register my new vehicle in the office?

    What you will need to bring to City Hall to register your new vehicle depends on where your new vehicle was purchased, from whom it was purchased and what paperwork the seller or you have already completed. When in doubt, bring everything related to the new vehicle that you have (such as a blue Title application, green dealer’s certificate, proof of insurance, the window sticker aka Monroney Label, your prior registration, a bill of sale, prior owner’s title, Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, any lien holder information or lien release information). Based on your situation we will be able to determine if you complete the entire registration in our office or if you will need to complete the registration process at the Bureau of Motor Vehicle.

    Please feel free to call us at 669-6620 if you are not sure what to bring.

    What documents are needed to re-register my vehicle in the office?

    In most cases, you can do everything to re-register your vehicle in our office. However, if you are under suspension to operate a motor vehicle or are required by the State of Maine to file an SR-22 form, then you will not be able to complete the entire process at City Hall and you will have to go to Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

    If you are not under suspension and are not required to file an SR-22 form then you will need to bring:

    • Current registration (it is preferred that you have this, however, if you are unable to locate it, or it is illegible we can attempt to find the record by your license plate number or name and date of birth)
    • Current Proof of Insurance
    • Current mileage

    Does the city accept debit or credit cards?

    Yes, the City accepts both debit and credit cards.  The City uses Maine PayPort, a credit card / debit card processing service, there is an additional 2.5% charge to use a credit or debit card.  There are no additional fees for paying with cash or checks.

    What are the city hall office hours?

    Ellsworth City Hall office hours are Monday thru Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Ellsworth City Hall is closed for the following holidays:

    • New Year’s Day January 1
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 3rd Monday in January
    • President’s Day 3rd Monday In February
    • Memorial Day Last Monday in May
    • Independence Day July 4
    • Labor Day First Monday in September
    • Columbus Day Second Monday in October
    • Veteran’s Day November 11
    • Thanksgiving 4th Thursday & Friday in November
    • Christmas December 25

    A holiday that falls on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday.

    A holiday that falls on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.

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