The Ellsworth Public Work Department maintains all of the City’s properties, including City Hall, Harbor Park, Demeyer Field and Branch Lake boat launch, 5 cemeteries, parks, the transfer station, Bryant E. Moore Community Center, city parking areas, streets and sidewalks.

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  • Public Works - Truck Driver - Eric MacLaughlin

    Eric MacLaughlin

    Truck Driver

      Harbor Park - Harbor Mastor - Adam Wilson

      Adam Wilson

      Highway Superintendent

      • Road maintenance & construction
      • Sidewalk maintenance & construction
      • Mowing and landscaping of city properties
      • Emptying trash receptacles on city properties
      • Assisting the Water and Waste Water Departments with all emergency and routine excavation
      • Snow plowing and sanding
      • Road striping and sign installations
      • Spring sweeping & grading of roads
    • Ellsworth Public Works Fix It is a citizen resource designed to help the public report Public Works related issues.

      Use This System To Report Issues For The Following Services:

      • Road, Sidewalk & Sign Maintenance
      • Storm Drains / Culverts
      • Transfer Station /Trash Collection
      • Recycling
      • City Water Services / Water Leaks
      • City Sewer / Waste Water Treatment
      • Traffic Signals
      • Parks
      • Harbor
      • All City Boat Launches

      To submit a Support Ticket with an issue with one of above services,  click the link on the City of Ellsworth’s homepage, visit or you can also email  Please leave a detailed message, your contact information and attach any photos you may have of your issue.

    • Short-term Winter Parking Bans for Snow Removal

      The Ellsworth Public Works Department is dedicated to ensuring seamless snow removal operations and maintaining safe, accessible streets and sidewalks throughout the winter season. For the benefit of all, the City relies on the cooperation of motorists. Prior to an impending snowstorm, motorists need to move their vehicles from public streets, ways, and city owned parking areas, so snow removal is completed swiftly and without hinderance. To remind everyone about the need for areas clear of vehicles the Public Works Department will announce parking bans for snow removal.

      During a winter parking ban for snow removal, vehicles cannot be parked on public streets, ways or city-owned parking areas (with the exception of the center spots located in the Lower City Hall parking lot, see map). Vehicles not moved during snow removal operations may be subject to relocation by tow to a tow yard at the discretion of the Ellsworth Police Department. Please review the following information to be prepared this winter.

      Snow Removal Guidelines

      As outlined in Chapter 7: Traffic Code, section 415, no vehicle shall be parked at any time on any public street or way or city-owned parking area so as to interfere with or hinder the removal of snow from those locations by the City plowing operations & equipment.

      Enforcement Measures

      Any police officer is authorized to remove any vehicle that is in violation of the snow removal guidelines by tow truck, at the expense of the owner of such vehicle and without the City being liable for any associated costs that may be caused by the removal. See Chapters 48 Rotational Towing Ordinance and 48a Towing Fee Schedule for more information on removal by towing.

      All Night Parking Restrictions

      Additionally, per section 417 of Chapter 7, from November 1 of each year to April 1 of the following year, all night parking is prohibited between the hours of 12 midnight and 6:00 a.m. This means that no vehicle should be parked on any street or way during this time frame for more than thirty (30) minutes, with the exception of physicians responding to emergency calls.

      Ways to Stay Informed

      • Check the City of Ellsworth website and social media for announcements.
      • Check local media stations for updates about incoming storms and plan ahead.
      • Look for signs placed by the City along any street or streets as necessary to alert motorists.
    • How Do I Reserve Harbor Park?

      Call or stop by City Hall or the Harbormaster’s office and pick up a Harbor Park Reservation application or make a reservation request online through the Harbor Park & Marina page.

      The Harbormaster will let you know if your requested date is available and will go over the requirements for using the park with you.

      How Do I Get a Mooring in Ellsworth Harbor?

      Call or stop by the Harbormaster’s office and pick up a waiting list application.

      All waiting lists are updated in the spring. To remain on the list you must fill out an application every year.

      When an appropriately sized spot becomes available, we will notify you and send you a MOORING application.

      The City will rent you the spot, the Harbormaster will assign a location for you.

      You will then need to buy or build a mooring to City specifications and be responsible for setting and maintaining it.

      How Do I Reserve Dock or Slip Space?

      To reserve a dock or slip space in Ellsworth’s Harbor Marina, call or stop by the Harbormaster’s office during the week (May to October). Office hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Phone 207-667-6311.

      How do I report a street light that is out? (Not Traffic Lights)

      Street lights are maintained by Versant Power.  Email the outage information to  You can also call Versant Power at 207-973-2000 to report the outage.

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