The City of Ellsworth is following Federal, State and Centers for Disease Control Guidelines during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic. At this time, all City of Ellsworth buildings/facilities/departments have been closed to the public, however staff will be available from 8AM to 4PM to assist citizens and businesses over the phone, and via fax and Email. Options have been provided for the continuation of regular business transactions and functions such as vehicle registration, property tax/utilities collection, license distribution, building permits, etc. Many of these functions are available on-line. Please call 667-2563 with questions on how to complete any business transactions that you normally conduct with the City. You may also contact the City via normal Email and Website channels as well.

Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Services, Public Works and Water/Wastewater Departments are staffed and available to respond to all emergencies. The Transfer Station will be open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only until further notice. Please check the City’s Website and Facebook page for updates. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The Ellsworth Planning Department develops, maintains and updates plans, systems, and services necessary to accommodate growth and development in the City. The Planning Department is involved with a wide variety of projects from the planning stages to implementation. Many projects are conducted in conjunction with other City Departments and include a public and private partnership.

The Planning Department also works with developers in preparation of their project being reviewed by the Planning Board. Technical Review Team meetings, where City Department are at the table to answer questions and provide information, are held monthly per the attached schedule. Developers may request a Technical Review Team meeting at any time by contacting the Department staff.

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  • Land Use, Zoning & Special Zones Maps

    The Planning Department maintains land use, zoning and special zone maps showing zones within which various uses are permitted.

    Special Projects

    The Planning Department is involved with a wide variety of projects from the planning stages to construction. Many of these projects are conducted in conjunction with other City Departments and include a public and private partnership component.

  • Proposed Amendments to the Land Use Ordinance

    This webpage summarizes and provides drafts of both pending and approved proposed amendments to the City of Ellsworth’s land use ordinance (Chapter 56 Unified Development Ordinance) (direct link to City Ordinance page). Any questions about these proposals can be sent to, or by calling 207-669-6615.


    Solar Energy Systems & Energy Storage Systems – The proposed amendments would establish standards to regulate the installation, operation, maintenance, decommissioning, and abandonment of solar energy systems and energy storage systems in the City. Proposed amendments include:

    1. Create additional categories and allowable uses in Article 3, Section 307 Table of Land Uses
    2. Create additional entries in Article 14 Definitions
    3. Add the following sections to Article 8 Performance Standards
      1. Section 823 Solar Energy Systems
      2. Section 824 Energy Storage Systems
      3. Section 825 Facility Operations, maintenance, Decommissioning, and Abandonment

    The Planning Board held a public hearing on these amendments at their January 8, 2020 and February 5, 2020 meetings. At the February 5, 2020 meeting, the Board made a favorable recommendation to the City Council pending revisions. The Board’s suggested revisions were incorporated into the draft proposal. The draft was also reviewed by the City’s attorney. A public hearing and vote was supposed to take place at the Council’s March 16, 2020 meeting; however, the item was table to the next Council meeting, slated to take place on April 20, 2020.

    Solar energy systems have been encouraged by the State of Maine and these proposed amendments are in response to anticipation that the City will receive applications to site commercial solar energy systems in Ellsworth. Other New England state model ordinances and ordinances enacted by other municipalities in Maine were researched in drafting these amendments.

  • The Ellsworth Comprehensive Plan is tailored to the needs of the Ellsworth community while meeting the goals of the State’s Growth Management Act.


    * Zoning map used when developing the Comprehensive Plan. This is not the current Zoning Map.

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