• Ellsworth Housing Authority
  • Ellsworth Library Trustee
  • Finance Committee / Weekly Council Workshop
  • Frenchman Bay Partners
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • Local Roads
  • Parks & Leisure
  • Penobscot Downeast Cable Television Consortium
  • Solid Waste
  • Street Lights
  • Voter Registration Board of Appeals

Meets: Second Wednesday of each month at the Union River Estates on Water Street.

(Includes term expiration dates.)

Tenant Representatives

Jodi Abbott (9/1/2024)

David Remick (1/1/2026)

Member Representatives

Jarad Wilbur (1/1/2023)

Jeri White (1/1/2026)

Richard Lyles (1/1/2024)

Eleanor Jones (1/1/2024)

Raymond Williams (1/1/2024)

Meets: 3rd Tuesday of every month 6:30 PM at the Ellsworth Public Library. Meetings that fall on a holiday are rescheduled on a case by case basis, depending on when trustees are available.

3 Year Term


Kristen D. Onos (11/2024)

Rain Perez (11/2026)

Kathleen Craven (11/2026)

Judith Lyles (11/2025)

S. Craig MacDonald (C) (11/2024)

Meets: 8:00 a.m. every Friday at City Hall. No Finance Meeting the first Friday of July and the Friday after Thanksgiving Day.  A Quorum of Councilors are usually present. The ONLY action taken will be signing of the Warrant by Committee members. Workshops are discussions only; no action will be taken.

City Council Members

  • Tammy Mote
  • Steven O’Halloran
  • Patrick Lyons


  • Michelle Beal

Meets: On an as-needed basis. Annual meeting first weekend in February. Location varies.

City Council appointment

  • Nancy Smith

Meets: On an as-needed basis.

City Council Members

  • Casey Hanson
  • Tammy Mote
  • Jon Stein


Meets: On an as-needed basis.

City Council Members

  • Patrick Lyons
  • Tammy Mote
  • Michelle Beal

Meets: On an as-needed basis. Regional Committee meets quarterly.

City Representative

  • Tammy Mote
  • Dale Hamilton

Alternate City Representative

  • Jason Ingalls

Meets: On an as-needed basis.

City Council Members

  • Jon Stein
  • Tammy Mote
  • Patrick Lyons

As of 6/20/2023 accepting applications to fill two citizen positions and one student position. Will remain open until filled.

Application available here. Please return to the Clerk’s Office in City Hall or send via email to clerks@ellsworthmaine.gov

Meets: On an as-needed basis.

City Council Members

  • Not appointed 2023


  • John Lynch
  • Ray Williams

Staff Member

  • Glenn Moshier

Meets: On an as needed basis.

(Includes term expiration date.)


Lynn O’Kane – City Clerk appointee (06/30/2022)

Jarad Wilbur – Republican Full apppointee (06/30/2022)

Martha Dickinson- Democratic Full apppointee (06/30/2022)


Stephen Shea – Republican Alternate appointee (06/30/2022)

John Fink – Democratic Alternate appointee (06/30/2022)