Determines the value of property located within the city for purposes of taxation.

City Clerk

Provides services to the citizens of Ellsworth, maintains records for the city and administrative support for the City Council.

Code Enforcement

Ensures compliance with codes regarding new construction, land use regulations and the maintenance of structures and premises.

Economic Development

Provides information and assistance to businesses considering starting, relocating or expanding in Ellsworth.


Provides maintenance for City Hall and its grounds.


Responsible for collection of real estate and personal property taxes, motor vehicle excise taxes, and other accounts receivable as well as maintaining the City’s investments, reserve funds, grant funds, and project financing.


A combination of career members and paid-on-call members provide first response for fire and non-EMS rescue services for the city.


Develops, maintains and updates plans, systems, facilities, and services necessary to accommodate growth and development.


Maintains a safe community by reducing crime and fear of crime, protecting life and property.

Public Library

The Ellsworth Public Library is located at 20 State Street, downtown, on the banks of the Union River. Whether you are a resident or visitor, stop by to take advantage of all of the great resources the library offers.

Public Works

Maintains city properties, streets and sidewalks, including snow plowing and sanding of all city roads.

School Department

The Ellsworth School Department oversees the Ellsworth Middle School, Ellsworth High School, Hancock County Technical Center and Adult Education.

Tax Collection

The Tax Collection Department is responsible for collection of real estate taxes, personal property taxes and motor vehicle excise taxes.


Assists with automated controls, online services and data storage and access for all city departments.


Responsible for the operation of the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.


Manages the safety and distribution of water supplied through the city water system.