AGENDA for Meeting March 27, 2023 5:30PM

City Hall Auditorium (Second Floor)

1. Call to Order

2. Introductions and Housekeeping

3. Meet Berry Dunn consulting representatives (pending Council approval on 3/20/23) with Q&A for contract and next steps

4. Discussion on Subcommittees for Chapters required by State.
a. Historic and Archaeological Resources
b. Water Resources
c. Natural Resources
d. Agricultural and Forest Resources
e. Marine Resources
f. Population & Demographics
g. Economy
h. Housing
i. Recreation
j. Transportation (this includes pedestrian circulation)
k. Public Facilities and Services

5. Discussion on Subcommittees for Chapters not required by State (e.g. regional impacts, culture, sense of place, or other topics that could fall under an existing chapter but deserve a closer look).

6. Discussion on Potential Public Engagement options (Demographics of Ellsworth and best ways to engage).

7. Public Comments

8. Staff Comments

9. Adjournment