Administrative Ban on All Open Burning by the town Fire Warden

No open burning or permit will be issued until the fire weather is considered low or moderate by the Maine Forestry Service.

If you are looking for the Fire Weather Danger Class Day, the Maine Forest Service website is Maine Fire Weather Report ( The Fire Danger class day is updated every day at 9am. The City of Ellsworth falls in Zone 11. In the state of Maine permits for open burning are only issued on Low or Moderate class days.

If the Fire Weather Class day is Low or Moderate you may obtain a permit to burn online at Maine Burn Permit System ( any time after 9am until 11pm. These are only issued for the day of the burning only.
Permits may also be obtained at the Ellsworth Fire Department, at 1 City Hall Plaza, any time after 9am.

Please contact the Fire Department at 207-667-8666 with any questions.