Ellsworth firefighters need your help with increasing the safety of lives and property in our community by becoming involved. Help us help you.

During the winter months, fire hydrants throughout our community become covered in snow and ice, which makes it hard for firefighters to find and operate them. Time spent by firefighters searching for and clearing hydrants buried in deep snow, drifts, or plowed snow or covered in ice, is precious time lost that could be spent saving a victim’s life or extinguishing a spreading fire. A fire doubles in size every 30-seconds and it can take firefighters over 5-minutes to fully clear hydrants for use, so every second saved is truly vital to a positive outcome.

By “Adopt-a-Hydrant” we wish to empower residents, business owners, students, and civic groups to adopt one or more fire hydrants close to their home or business to keep hydrants(s) clear of snow and ice throughout the winter months. We strongly encourage following the safety considerations & guidelines for clearing listed below. Participants are also asked to help keep the area around fire hydrants clear of weeds, leaves, and shrubbery during the warmer months (spring, summer, fall) and report any damage or issues to the Fire department or Water Department.

Participants are encouraged to take photos with their cleared hydrants and share them with the Ellsworth Fire Department. Email them to Captain Daryl Clark at dclark@ellsworthmaine.gov * We will share your photos online.

Thank you for your help, you will truly be making a difference!

Questions? You can contact us at 207-667-8666
Chief Scott Guillerault


  • If you experience shortness of breath or chest pain STOP immediately and call 9-1-1 or seek medical attention.
  • Always wear highly visible and proper weather-related clothing when clearing snow from hydrants.
  • Do not stand in the road to shovel the hydrant and always be aware of all hazards including traffic.
  • Whenever possible have a second person act as a lookout for hazards and traffic.
  • Be especially cautious of fallen and snow-covered debris, live wires, etc. following storms.


  • Clear at least 3-feet in all directions around the hydrant.
  • Hand shoveling or using a snowblower is the best option for clearing snow from a hydrant, do not use a snowplow.
  • Clear any snow and ice accumulated on the hydrant by hand, do not use tools that could damage the hydrant.
  • Do not put the snow cleared from the hydrant back into the street, in driveways, on the sidewalk, or any other right of way.
  • Do not paint, mark, alter or otherwise personalize any fire hydrants.

If you observe any damage, to include water or ice coming from any opening, please notify the Ellsworth Fire Department at 207-667-8666 or the Ellsworth Water Department at 207-667-8632