Ellsworth City Hall

Ellsworth, ME, April 10, 2023—The City of Ellsworth Planning Department and Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee are pleased to announce that the City has contracted with BerryDunn to officially kick-off the comprehensive planning process. The Comprehensive Plan will provide Ellsworth citizens with the opportunity to provide input and guidance on the direction they want to see Ellsworth head over the next ten years. This process will seek to gain participation and insight from all of Ellsworth’s citizens as the Steering Committee and City staff are committed to getting the community’s input. Over the next two years there will be events, meetings, surveys, and other forms of public engagement to ensure public participation is a key element of the Plan’s formulation.

BerryDunn will provide guidance and act as the consultant for the Comprehensive Plan project. BerryDunn is a well-qualified firm whose team is looking forward to helping Ellsworth through this process. The Steering Committee is eager to begin working with BerryDunn on the Comprehensive Plan and believe that this partnership will result in a document which will help guide Ellsworth’s future. Next steps are for the Planning Department and BerryDunn to organize a work plan and align on initial priorities.

In the meantime, City staff created a landing page focused on the Comprehensive Plan Update. This page can be accessed via the City’s website at https://www.ellsworthmaine.gov/compplan2035. On this page, citizens can access information regarding the Comprehensive Plan and the Steering Committee. All of the Steering Committee’s meeting times will be posted on this webpage, along with the agendas and minutes from those meetings. Additionally, there will be information regarding the many subcommittees which will be utilized throughout the process. As the process unfolds, members of the public are encouraged to go to this webpage to get more information about how they can be involved in this process.

If there are any additional questions, please reach out to the City Planner, Matthew Williams, at mwilliams@ellsworthmaine.gov or reach out to the Steering Committee at compplan2035@ellsworthmaine.gov.