The City of Ellsworth is following Federal, State and Centers for Disease Control Guidelines during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic. At this time, all City of Ellsworth buildings/facilities/departments have been closed to the public, however staff will be available from 8AM to 4PM to assist citizens and businesses over the phone, and via fax and Email. Options have been provided for the continuation of regular business transactions and functions such as vehicle registration, property tax/utilities collection, license distribution, building permits, etc. Many of these functions are available on-line. Please call 667-2563 with questions on how to complete any business transactions that you normally conduct with the City. You may also contact the City via normal Email and Website channels as well.

Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Services, Public Works and Water/Wastewater Departments are staffed and available to respond to all emergencies. The Transfer Station will be open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only until further notice. Please check the City’s Website and Facebook page for updates. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Updated: 3/30/2020 4:30PM



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    4. Pay It Forward Maine – Support Local Businesses and Organizations with the Pay It Forward Maine Initiative
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    Sec. Dunlap closed all BMV offices Tuesday, March 17 to aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19 among staff and the public, and the closure will remain in effect until further notice.

    • License Plate Registrations
      • The Maine Legislature, in its actions last week, waived enforcement of all motorized vehicle, watercraft and trailer registration and inspection requirements. Motor vehicle and trailer registrations, including all temporary registrations and any fuel use decals that expire during the state of emergency, will be extended up to 30 days after the state of emergency is terminated. Inspections that expire during this period are also extended.
    • Temporary Truck Registrations
      • Secretary Dunlap is granting permission for trucks with a temporary registration plate to carry a load. This permission is for the duration of the declared state of emergency here in the State of Maine and an additional 30 days thereafter. This permission is granted as referenced in Title 29A Section 462(3).
    • CDL Licenses and Permits
      • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration today granted a waiver applicable to interstate and intrastate commercial driver’s license (CDL) and commercial learner’s permit (CLP) holders and to other interstate drivers operating commercial motor vehicle. FMCSA grants, until June 30, 2020, a waiver from renewal of medical certificates and licenses, for those whose CDL or CLP expires March 1, 2020 or later. The waiver is valid through June 30. It does not apply to those whose license or medical certificate expired before March 1, or those who are suspended or have had their license withdrawn.
    • Real ID Law Deadline
      • President Donald J. Trump announced Monday that he will be advising the Department of Homeland Security to extend the enforcement deadline for Real ID compliance, due to BMV closures and reduced services nationwide. Real ID requirements were set to go into effect on Oct. 1, 2020. The new deadline has yet to be announced.

    Motorists do not need to take any action regarding these measures. Many BMV services are available via the BMV website, but not all transactions can be completed online, depending on individuals’ situations. During the emergency closure of BMV, residents will not be able to obtain Real ID credentials, first-time credentials, or new registrations.

    Office Press Release:

    • New Private Sale Registrations
      • If you have purchased a vehicle through a private sale (not a dealer), the Bureau of Motor Vehicles has provided a form for you to print off and keep in the vehicle. Although the vehicle is not registered, proof of insurance is still is a requirement.

    1. Curbside Trash Pickup
      1. Curbside trash pickup with remain as normally scheduled.
    2. Trash Stickers
      1. Trash stickers can be purchased at regular retailers unless they close.
    3. Transfer Station
      1. To help keep our people safe and in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. The Transfer Stations Schedule beginning 3/23/20 until further notice will be
        Monday – closed
        Tuesday – 8 am – 4 pm
        Wednesday – closed
        Thursday – closed
        Friday – 8 am – 4 pm
        Saturday – 8 am – 4pm
        Sunday– closed
    4. Sewer Reminder
      1. Flushable Wipes Clog Pipes!  Only flush water, #1, #2 and toilet paper.  Due to a reduced staffing level during the COVID-19 pandemic, response time to repair clogged sewers could be substantially delayed.
      2. What Not to Flush
    5. Maine Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management
      1. Plastic Bags – In light of concerns about the use of multi-use bags during the current COVID-19 public health crisis, the Legislature’s response to those concerns in L.D. 2167, and effects on Department resources, the Department will not be enforcing the statewide restrictions on the use of single-use bags in 38 M.R.S. § 1611 until January 15, 2021. As of March 17, 2020, State law preempts municipal regulation of single use bags; no local ordinance requiring a fee for, or otherwise restricting the use of, single use bags is in effect.
      2. Returnable Beverage Containers – Effective Wednesday, March 18, 2020, to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19),the DEP will temporarily refrain from enforcement activity involving Maine retailers, and redemption centers for failing to accept beverage containers for redemption. This action will be reevaluated March 31, 2020 and is intended as a step in the protection of employees and companies involved in the Bottle Redemption Program. For more information, please contact Scott Wilson at (207) 446-1187. As of March 18, 2020, Maine Recycling and Returnable Services (TOMRA) are operating and picking up from redemption centers. CLYNK continues to operate. Please see regarding additional voluntary handling information related to the coronavirus.

    1. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife – How to safely spend time outside
    2. Ellsworth Playground Reminder
      1. With upcoming warmer weather we would like to remind you that we DO NOT recommend using the playground equipment due to the equipment is not manually or chemically sterilized. Parks and trails remain open for use with proper social distancing.