The City of Ellsworth is finding ourselves in a difficult position. The City has been able to provide back to school backpacks filled with the basic school supply needs for several years. We have also taken on the ability to provide needy families with Christmas gifts for their children at the Holidays. These two programs have been possible by donations of the community. For years, the donations were sufficient to continue these efforts.

The backpacks for school average $50-$70 per backpack. The City has been able in years past to provide 80-90 backpacks to our children. This cost annually is just over $5,000.00. The supplies in the bag are the staples that are needed, according to grade (pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paper, scissors etc.)
The last several holiday seasons, the City has been pleased to provide gifts for near 100 children in need. With the same budget of $50-$60 per child, we have been very successful to provide 2-4 gifts per child in need. This is also about $5,000.00 each holiday season.

The members of this community have been very generous in the past to provide gifts, backpacks, or monetary donations to support these causes. However, this year, with the increased need from families, lack of donations, and higher costs of the supplies, we are finding ourselves in a position that we can do either backpacks, or holiday gifts- not both. Our funds are depleting and not being replenished. We have set a goal of $10,000 for this year to raise the funds for our children to do both programs. If we cannot reach our goal, the decision has been made to support Christmas for Kids and provide the gifts to our local children.

We will receive gifts, backpacks, and money all year long. We encourage those that are able to, to bring in a backpack, supplies, or a gift any time. We also have a ‘Cans for Kids’ program at our transfer station. If you take your empty bottles and cans, tell the attendant that they are for this program. The City turns them in to fund the programs that we offer.

If you are willing to donate, or sponsor a backpack or sponsor a child this coming holiday season, please reach out to us. The difference a few dollars can make in the world of young people is a joy like no other.

There will be an online link shortly to donate online. We thank you for your continued support over the years and we hope together we can continue to bring joy to our kids and take some of the burden off of our families.