JULY 14, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we must impose the following restrictions at the Ellsworth City Hall (1 City Hall Plaza) Voting Wards 1 & 4, Community of Christ Church (283 State Street) Ward 2 & Fletchers Landing Township, and Maine Coast Baptist Church (867 Bangor Road) Ward 3 for the State of Maine Primary/Special Referendum and City of Ellsworth School Budget Validation Special Referendum Elections on July 14, 2020 to comply with the State social distancing regulations.

  • Ellsworth City Hall will not be open for regular business during Election Day. Only voters will be allowed into the building to conduct balloting activity.
  • Limited voting booths and the accessible voting area will be open in all four voting locations.
  • Entry to Ellsworth City Hall for voters assigned to Ward 1 & Ward 4 must be made through the doors facing Main Street. Only voters with extenuating circumstances that do not allow them to use the front steps will be authorized to use the Church Street entrance to City Hall.
  • Regardless of the Ward voters are assigned to all voters will be expected to queue 6 feet apart while waiting to check in and vote. Each Ward is set up with markers to indicate the social distancing requirement. Once the Wards are at capacity the remaining voters will be expected to wait outside.
  • Voters will be asked to wear a face covering while in the voting place. Staff will wear face coverings when in the public areas. We are asking for voter cooperation with this request to help us stay in compliance with the Governor’s executive orders.
  • Ward 1 & Ward 4 will exit City Hall through the Police Department entrance off from Church Street and will follow the path along the State Street side of City Hall to return to their vehicle.
  • Ward 2 and Ward 3 will use the traditional entrances and exits to the polling place.
  • Voter Registration in Ward 1 & Ward 4 will take place at the Tax Department service windows. Ward 2 and Ward 3 will have the traditional set up for the Registrar of Voters. Only 1 new voter allowed at each Deputy Registrar at a time, and will be considered part of the queue line.
  • Absentee ballots may be deposited into the lock box marked ABSENTEE BALLOTS in the Church Street entrance lobby until 8 PM Election night.
  • Voters with questions on Election Day may call 207-669-6604 to speak with the City Clerk’s Department.

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience on Election Day.