On Tuesday, March 5th, Mainers will cast their votes in the Presidential Primary Election. The Ellsworth City Clerk’s Office is currently assisting Ellsworth residents with voter registration and providing guidance on ballots for the upcoming election. Our aim is to ensure you have the best information regarding the ballots.

  • If you are registered with either the Republican or Democratic parties, you will receive a ballot specific to your party.
  • However, if you are enrolled in one of the three other qualified political parties in Maine—Green Independent, Libertarian, or No Labels—you will not receive a ballot, as these parties are not participating in the Presidential Primary, but you may still have an opportunity to participate in the primary if you review the following information.
  • If you which to switch a political party, you will want to re-register at least 15 days before election day. The deadline to change party enrollment for the primary is Friday, February 16, 2024.
  • Voters who aren’t in a specific political party can be registered as “Unenrolled.” Unenrolled voters have the flexibility to choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot for the primary. Voters in Green Independent, Libertarian, or No Labels may choose to switch parties or unenroll to participate in the primary.
  • When using the online absentee ballot service, if you are registered as “Unenrolled” please select your ballot, either Democratic or Republican.
  • It’s important to note that a voter must remain in a party for 3 months before withdrawing or changing enrollment to a new party.

We hope this information helps you navigate the voting process effectively. If you have any questions, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 207-669-6603.