*THIS MEETING WAS RESCHEUDLED DUE TO WEATHER – Now will be held Friday, December 8th. See notice here.

City of Ellsworth

1 City Hall Plaza, Ellsworth, ME 04605


Regular Meeting

Monday, December 4, 2023, 8:15-10:15 AM, will be held in the City Hall Auditorium.


  1.  Call to Order (timeline for completion of agenda topics)
  2. Adoption of Minutes of November 6, 2023  (8:20AM)
  3. Staff Comments/Clarifications requested on Nov 6 (8:45AM)(T. Dyer, M. Condon)
    1. Previous/Current Public Works tree-related budget
    2. Review of 3-year contract with Newlands Nursery  
    3. City Council 2018 Decision to contract exclusively organic lawn and landscaping care
  1. Citizen Comments (8:55AM)
  2. Report from City Council (C. Hanson) (9:05AM)
    1.   Tree Warden appointment
    2.   Project Canopy application 2024
  3. Presentation/Written Submission to Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee—January 22, 2024, 5:30PM (see attached Green Plan excerpt and access the full Green Plan Land Chapter at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WIl14CTbg84hpHpG4FDwQaKYEzR3NjysQhknYpgFBJE/edit ). (9:20AM)
    1.  Where we are now
    2.  Where we want to be in 10 years
  4. Committee Reports (and identification of further participants/convener) (9:45AM)
    1. Tree Ordinance/Tree Warden Job Description (I. Drummond, J. Lambert, T. White)
    2. Forest Management Plan (M. Blackstone, T. Davis, S. Walczyk, J. Barnes, T. White)
    3. Project Canopy Application (M. Blackstone, C. Hanson, T. White)
  5. Establish Work Schedule, Timelines, Deadlines. (10:05AM)
    1. Budget Proposal for 2024-2025
    2. Meeting with Recreation Commission
    3. Revised Tree Ordinance
    4. Tree Warden Job Description
    5. Submission of Arbor Day Proclamation to Mayor
    6. Submission of Tree City USA 2024 application (deadline Dec. 31?)
    7. Finalize Project Canopy Grant Application (deadline Feb 15, 2024)
    8. Community Tree Nursery Input on Ordering & Planting for 2024
    9. Finalize City of Ellsworth Forestry Management Plan
    10. Plan Public Education Programming for 2024
    11. Other
  6. Member Comments/Other Business (10:15AM)
  7. Adjournment