1 City Hall Plaza, Ellsworth, ME 04605
Regular Meeting
Monday, June 3, 2024, 8:15-10:15 AM

1) Call to Order (time by which item will be completed)
2) Adoption of Minutes of May 6, 2024 (8:20AM)
3) Staff Comments or Clarifications (8:40AM)

a) Tree Ordinance response re levels of authority
b) Response to Tree Warden job description
c) Chapter 56–Arbor Commission input to Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and Planning Board re tree planting standards and protection.
d) Other

4) Citizen Comments (8:45AM)
5) Report from City Council (8:55AM)

a) Update on budget process.
b) Update on Tree Warden job description.
c) Other

6) Action Item Reports/Decisions (9:15AM)

a) Tree City USA 2023 award (M. Blackstone)
b) Maine Arbor Week Community Tree Nursery activities (J. Barnes)
c) Memorial tree planting with plaque–where, what, when and format/protocol (M. Blackstone/T. White)
d) Summer public education event: Invasive pests/species?
e) Review Commission’s monthly meeting time.

7) Committee Reports

a) Tree Ordinance/Tree Warden Job Description (I. Drummond, J. Lambert, T. White) (9:30AM)
b) Updates on Tree Ordinance and Tree Warden Job Description
c) Core sections, Heritage Trees, administration of the Tree Trust, particulars of tree protection with associated penalties for damage of trees or unapproved removal, involvement of Arbor Commission in Planning Board Review process.
d) New timelines for review by Council.
e) Other
f) Arbor Commission 2024-2025 Budget Request to City Council (M. Blackstone, C. Hanson, T. White). (9:35AM)
g) Justification of $40000 tree-related budget (T. White)
h) Other
i) Project Canopy Applications (Blackstone, C. Hanson, T. White, M. Williams) (9:40)
j) Submission of Inflation Reduction Act Urban & Community Forestry Grant application for $176,000 (no match) and Project Canopy Planning & Education Grant application for $20,000 (matching cash or in-kind required).
k) Thank you: S. Walcyzk, M. Williams, A. Wilson and J. Richards.
l) Forest Management Plan (Blackstone, T. Davis, S. Walczyk, J. Barnes, T. White) (10:00AM)
m) Update upcoming meetings.
n) Issues and approaches to Chapter 56 (T. Davis)

8) Work Schedule for Information (Timelines, Deadlines) (10:10AM)

a) Budget Proposals for 2024-2025 (submitted and presented to Council April 2024
b) Finalize Project Canopy Grant Applications (May 15, 2024)
c) Revised Tree Ordinance (? August 2024)
d) Tree Warden Job Description (March 6, 2024 to City Manager/Council; resent after arrival of new city manager)
e) Submission of Arbor Day Proclamation to Mayor (proclaimed February 12, 2024)
f) Submission of Tree City USA 2024 application (submitted December 2024)
g) Community Tree Nursery Input on Ordering & Planting for 2025 (?)
h) Finalize City of Ellsworth Forestry Management Plan (October 2024)
i) Plan Public Education Programming for 2024-2025 (?July 2024)
j) Arbor Day/Maine Arbor Week 2025 Activities (?)
k) Other

9) Member Comments/Other Business  (10:15AM)
10) Next Meeting: ? July 1, 2024 8:15-10:15AM.
11) Adjournment