Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Municipal Joint Board Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Municipal Joint Board

Meeting Agenda

Friday 18 August 2017

Location:  Lamoine Town Office

Time:  7:00 PM


1. Convene Meeting.

2. Consider prior meeting minutes for approval.

3. Discuss and consider proposal submitted by the Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Conservation Committee to close the Gonk.

4. Discuss the pending Taunton River oyster aquaculture lease application…Michael Briggs…sent to members by separate communication.

5. Discuss the idea of longer rotating closures in each municipality with overlapping open periods to provide twelve months of areas for digging that are open for only two months and closed for ten months, per area.

6. Report back on meeting with Harold Paige.

7. Other business, if any.

8. Adjourn meeting.


Dick Fennelly