City Hall Closed

City Hall will be closed on Monday, October 25. 2021 due to multiple staff members testing positive for COVID-19. Emergency services and departments located outside of City Hall will be operating as usual.


Site Visit for B.D. SOLAR NICOLIN

The Ellsworth Planning Board will meet on Tuesday September 21, 2021, at 5:30 PM at 159 Nicolin Road to conduct a site visit for the project described below.

Site Visit Meeting Agenda

1. BD Solar Nicolin Site Visit.
BD Solar Nicolin, LLC. is proposing to construct a 3.3-megawatt solar energy facility on a 95-acre parcel (Tax Map 93 Lot 2) located at 159 Nicolin Road. The subject property is located in the Rural and Resource Protection Zones.

2. Adjournment.

**The purpose of the site walk is to orient the Planning Board to the physical characteristics of the site and the anticipated changes to the site resulting from the proposed development.The Planning Board Chairman will lead the site walk. The applicant or applicant’s representative will be present at the site walk. The discussion between the applicant and the Board will focus on the physical characteristics of the site and on the location of the proposed project. While the public is invited to attend, a site walk does not include a public hearing. Substantive comments in support or opposition of the proposed project shall be reserved for the next public hearing.