Below is a list of the scheduled workshop meetings for the fiscal year 2024 budget.  All meetings will be held at Ellsworth City Hall in the Ellsworth Council Chamber at 6PM with the doors opening at 5PM.  As a reminder, these are workshops. No votes or decisions will be made during these meetings.  The meetings will be broadcast live on the City of Ellsworth Facebook and Youtube pages as well as Spectrum Cable Channels 5 and 7.

DateBudget Meeting
03/23/2023Administration (City Hall departments)
03/27/2023Public Safety (Police, Fire/EMS, Dispatch)
3/30/2023Public Works (Highway, Water, Wastewater, Watershed, Solid Waste, Harbor)
4/3/2023Library, Recreation (Historic Preservation, outside agencies such as WIC, Friends in Action etc.)
4/6/2023Capital (All Departments)
4/10/2023Ellsworth School Department (all schools)* This meeting will be pushed to 4/13/2023 if the City Council votes on 3/20/2023 to move their regularly scheduled April meeting to 4/10.
4/13/2023Extra day if needed unless 4/10/2023 is moved.