Shore Road Closure

8/9/2022 8:16AM: Due to a failed culvert, Shore Road will be CLOSED to through traffic from Pond Ave to Forrest Ave while public works crews work to replace it. This is in the vicinity of the Ellsworth Elementary Middle School. We estimate the road will be closed for the next day or two.

In an effort to support local businesses and organizations while re-opening safely and in alignment with the State’s Re-Opening Plan and Rural Re-Opening Plan, the City of Ellsworth has developed the following initiatives. Please contact Janna Richards with questions regarding these initiatives – or 669-6655 (please leave voice message).


To help promote the City of Ellsworth as a safe place for guests, residents, employees, and all those who enjoy our community, representatives from the City, local businesses, and business organizations worked together to create a unified message and signage for our businesses and organizations to display in windows, on doors, and in public spaces. Two signs are available for download below – (1) a general sign showing commitment to providing and maintaining a safe community, and (2) a sign for those businesses or establishments who choose to address face coverings/masks.

Facilitating Requests for Temporary Outdoor Operations – Restaurant/Retail/Commercial:

Understanding that many local commercial businesses will be operating at a reduced capacity to adhere to social distancing guidelines, the City of Ellsworth would like to support the temporary expansion of businesses to both public and private outdoor spaces. To aid in requests to expand outdoors, please download and submit the form below. In addition to the form, a sketch plan and/or photos that show the mockup plan being proposed can also be submitted. Submittals can be emailed to the Economic Development Office ( or dropped off at/mailed to City Hall (1 City Hall Plaza) with attention directed to the Economic Development Office. These submittals will then be reviewed by the Code Enforcement Office and Police and Fire departments to ensure safety and compliance with codes. PLEASE NOTE: Submittals to expand onto an establishment’s private outdoor green space or existing patio area are typically NOT necessary.

Any questions can be directed to Janna Richards – or 669-6655 (please leave a voice message).

Personal Protective Equipment:

Understanding that small, local businesses and organizations may have difficulty procuring the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to re-open safely and in accordance with Federal/State guidelines, the City of Ellsworth has created a program to grant PPE supplies to businesses. To date, the City has purchased a bulk amount of hand sanitizer to distribute to Ellsworth businesses and organizations who are unable to purchase this item themselves – whether because of an inability to source the item or due to financial constraints. Businesses willing and able to pay for the hand sanitizer can make a donation back to the program so that more products can be purchased to help other Ellsworth businesses and organizations. Priority will be given to the most urgent needs first. Any Ellsworth business or organization wishing to take part in this program should contact Janna Richards – or 669-6655 (please leave a voice message).

In addition, the City is looking to continue to work with local businesses and organizations to understand other PPE needs in our community so that we may look to purchase other commonly used and needed PPE to distribute as part of this program. To provide information on other forms of PPE needed, please contact Janna Richards – or 669-6655 (please leave a voice message).