City of Ellsworth

Request for Bids

Mineral Screening and Supply

The City of Ellsworth is accepting bids for the screening of material resulting in 10,000 cubic yards of useable winter sand and 5,000 cubic yards of 2” minus gravel at the Ellsworth Gravel Pit on outer Main Street in Ellsworth.  Bids will be accepted until 11:00 AM, Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at the following location:

City of Ellsworth

Public Works

Attn: Adam Wilson

One City Hall Plaza

Ellsworth, ME  04605

The City of Ellsworth reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or portions of bids and to waive any informalities or irregularities.


Excavate minerals from the City Gravel Pit, process minerals through mechanical screen and pile into adjacent pile.  The contractor shall furnish all equipment (truck, front-end loader, screen, etc)  and labor required to complete this operation.   Contractor shall process the amount of material required that results in 10,000 cyds of useable winter sand and 5,000 cyds of usable 2” minus gravel.

The City will use its front-end loader to load minerals into City-owned dump trucks for hauling to the final location.  The City will be responsible for the mixing of sand and salt.  Removal of any or all trees, stumps, grubbings, and topsoil, if necessary shall be the responsibility of the City.

During the winter months the City may use up all of its’ previously screened sand. Therefore, the City also requests a bid price for screening sand during the winter months from January through April 2024.  This would require the contractor to set-up and commence sand screening operations within forty-eight hours’ notice from the City of Ellsworth Public Works Director.  Failure to provide screening operations within the time limit shall be grounds for disqualification from bidding during the subsequent bidding period.

Alternate 1.  Screen Sand from the Contractor’s Pit and Deliver to the Ellsworth Public Works Facility

The contractor will provide screened sand from the contractor’s (or some other gravel pit) and deliver it to the sand pile at the Ellsworth Public Works Facility.   At the contractors cost the bidder shall provide under this Alternate, recent test results showing the proposed material meets required specifications.



For sand screening operations material must be run through multiple screens to separate the sand , rock from #4 up to 2” , and then 2”+ size rocks into three usable piles.

Materials shall meet the following specification:


Square Mesh               Standard Range- % passing

1/2”                             100       %

#4                                90-100 %

#16                              40-90 %

#50                              6-40   %

#200                            0-5     %


2”                                95-100%

½”                               30-65%

#200                            7-12%


Contractor shall complete all screening operations by November 1st, 2023 (except for on-call winter screenings).


The contract for mineral screening shall be awarded to the lowest responsible contractor for the total price of screening sand in the amount specified.


The City Public Works Director or his/her designee shall measure the cubic yards of minerals loaded into each City of Ellsworth dump truck to be hauled to the respective piles.  The contractor shall be paid based on this measurement.


Failure to comply with the time limits required in this bid shall result in the contractor paying liquidated damages in the amount of $300 per work day.  The contractor shall not be responsible for the payment of liquidated damages for days of delay caused by factors beyond their control. Such claims shall be documented and reviewed by the City.


Contractor agrees to maintain liability insurance in no less than the following amounts and to provide proof of such insurance coverage to the City with the bid.

General Liability         $ 400,000 per incident

& Motor Vehicle         $1,000,00 aggregate   $50,000 medical

Workers’ Comp.         As Required by Maine Statute

See the attached Bid Sheet PDF: Bid Sheet, City of Ellsworth, Mineral Screening