Water Main Break

January 30, 2023 – There is a water main break in the Surry Road area. All of Surry Rd. starting at Laurel St has no water, including Westwood Dr., Mountain View Dr., Hillside Dr. and Edaco Ct. After repairs are completed there will be a boil order for some customers. Further info will be posted when available.

  • Park Info
  • Reserve Knowlton park
  • Park Rules
  • Splash Pad Rules
  • Location

    160 State Street


    Dawn to 11pm

    Comfort Station (Restrooms)

    OPEN: Memorial Day Weekend to Indigenous Peoples Day
    HOURS: 6am to 9pm (7 days a week)

    Splash Pad & Changing Room Facility

    OPEN: Memorial Day Weekend to Indigenous Peoples Day (as long as weather cooperates)
    HOURS: 10am to 8pm (7 days a week) – Water is on and the jets are active during these hours except for when the air temperature falls below 65 degrees!

  • For organized events, contact the City with the date, time and anticipated number of participants by calling 669-6619.

    Please note:

    • Individual sections or features of the park cannot be reserved since this is a public park.
    • Small individual events are allowed at the park, such as; children’s birthday parties, small “immediate family” type weddings,
      small group and organizational meetings.
    • Small functions are allowed on a first come, first served basis. Those involved should expect that others enjoying the park
      may venture into the occupied area where the function is being held.
    • Cordoning off or preventing the public use of any area of the park is not allowed.
    • Knowlton Park is a child oriented park and events should be kept at a “PG” level rating.
    • Organized group events should be “open to the public” and “admission fees” cannot be charged.
    • Inquiries regarding functions of 250 or more individuals are subject to the City’s Mass Gathering Permit regulations and
      arrangements must be made by calling the City at 669-6619.
    • Events requiring electricity should be coordinated through the City.
    • Any group desiring the use of the Amphitheatre and needing electricity must contact the City and fill out an event form.
      There is a $100 use fee. (Noise ordinance regulations will apply.)
    • City’s insurance does not allow for the use of: bounce houses, petting zoos or dunk tanks on any City owned property.
    • Solicitation is not allowed on park grounds.
  • Please help keep our parks safe and beautiful for all users by leaving the park in as good as, or better condition than when you entered.

    Please note:

    • Leave the park in as good as, or better condition than when you entered.
    • Dogs and/or domestic animals must be kept on a continuously held leash no longer than 8 feet in length.
    • Pet owners must remove and dispose of animal waste (from all areas in the park) in trash receptacles.
    • Do not injure, deface, destroy, damage, disturb, or remove any park items, including but not limited to; buildings, signs, equipment, fences, statuary, benches, picnic tables, trees, flowers, shrubs,
      turf or any other vegetation or moveable or immovable park property.
    • Park parking lots are for park users, long term daytime use is prohibited and overnight parking is not allowed.
    • No motorized vehicles (with exception of motorized wheelchairs/scooters for the handicapped).
    • No skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, roller-skates, trikes or bicycles are allowed in the park.
    • Household and/or commercial garbage dumping is prohibited.
    • No glass containers.
    • All city, state and federal laws must be followed.
    • No Loitering, Solicitation or Peddling.
    • No disturbances (vulgar language/lewd conduct/unusually loud noises).
    • No person shall possess, use, or discharge any type of firework, explosive device, or incendiary device within the parks.
    • Do not hit or kick; balls, baseballs, softballs, soccer balls or any other object in the direction of the fences. Climbing on fences is also prohibited.
    • City parks and recreation areas are tobacco/smoke free zones (unless otherwise indicated by appropriate “designated smoking area” signage). Use of illegal substances prohibited.
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    • Smoking is Prohibited. (NEW for 2017)
    • No fires or overnight camping.
    • No food or beverage venders without prior permission. (Contact the City for more information)
    • Reasonably sized groups are welcome to use the park on a first come basis; those involved should fully expect and anticipate that others enjoying the park may venture into the occupied area where the function is being held at any time. Reserving of any individual section or feature of the park cannot be allowed since this is a public park. (Call 669-6619 to let the City know of your intended use.) Amphitheatre use must be coordinated with the City, a use fee will apply and noise ordinance restrictions will be enforced.) Contact the City of Ellsworth with inquiries regarding park availability for large groups/Special Events.
    • Persons in violation of park rules shall be fully and financially responsible for any damages to park property and equipment and shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    The park is open from dawn to 11PM unless otherwise posted or and are patrolled, secured and under surveillance by the City of Ellsworth Police Department.

  • In addition to the Park Rules, these rules apply to the Splash Pad area:

    Please note:

    • Splash Pad will operate during the hours of 10AM and 8PM only. Water is deactivated from 8PM to 10AM. Splash Pad will not operate when the air temperature falls below 65°. Use “STEP HERE” button to activate the Splash Pad in 100 second intervals.
    • SAFETY FIRST! Parents, guardians and care providers, are responsible for monitoring the behavior of the children under their care and are asked to keep the safety of all users an utmost priority.
    • Enjoy the splash pad water feature. Play safe and respect other users. Be especially careful of small children.
    • Splash Pad hours of operation will be from 10AM to 8PM and shall be open daily on a seasonal basis.
    • Opening and Closing of the splash pad feature shall be at the City’s discretion.
    • Help keep the water feature safe, useable and in working order by keeping glass, pets, soap, dirt, sand, breakable objects, landscaping materials, bicycles and skateboards out of the splash pad area.
    • Dogs/pets are not allowed in the splash pad, JUMP playground or children’s activity area for public health and safety reasons. (Leashed dogs/pets are allowed in other areas of Knowlton park; see the “Park Rules and Use Codes” sign for general park rules regarding pets.)
    • If the water jets do not appear to be operating at the splash pad, use the “Step Here” buttons in the concrete surround to awaken the splash pad from sleep mode. (The water supply is completely shut down from 8PM to 10AM, stepping on the buttons will NOT activate the water during those hours AND the Splash Pad will not operate if the air temperature is below 65 degrees.) Please conserve water and only step on the activation pads when using the splash pad and not just to watch the splash pad operate.) Be kind to the activation buttons, it is not necessary to jump up and down on them in order to activatethe flow of water!
    • No skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, roller-skates, trikes or bicycles allowed in the splash pad area OR in the park in general. (With exception of motorized wheelchairs/scooters for the handicapped).
    • Knowlton Park is open from dawn to 11PM. However, the restroom is open from 6AM to 9PM &
      changing rooms are open the same hours as the splash pad, from 10:00AM to 8PM in the summer and
      times will change seasonally depending on usage.