April 13- Due to high flows, the Safewaters website has been updated with a high flow notification for the Union River. Due to these conditions, flows may exceed station discharge capabilities and discharge has the potential for fluctuating rapidly and unexpectedly. River activities are extremely dangerous under these conditions. Please use caution on or around the river.

With more people recreating than usual for this time of year, this notification serves to advise the public and local government entities of these public safety concerns and to help reinforce safe recreation practices near water. Please note, this advisory is simply to provide hazard awareness information. Should conditions meet Emergency Action Plan procedures and protocols, emergency management agencies will be notified, accordingly.

River and Water Safety Practices

* Always use a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device.
* This river is subject to dangerous rapids, which increase in difficulty as the river flows increase.
* Respect all warning lights, sirens, signs, buoys, booms, barriers and fences.
* Unsafe river conditions include high water levels and strong currents. During these conditions, stay off water as serious injury or death can result.
* High water levels may persist days after rain or snowfall/melt.
* Share your location information and use the buddy system when you wade, tube, swim, fish or boat.
* Know your physical limitations when recreating on or near water.