City of Ellsworth School Budget Validation Special Municipal Referendum Election
State of Maine Primary/Special Referendum Election

At this time, both in-person and absentee voting are available for the July 14 election.

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Residents of Ellsworth can register and vote at their designated ward on Election Day (July 14, 2020) from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Ward One                                                                   Ward Two
1 City Hall Plaza 2nd floor Auditorium                      283 State Street – Community of Christ
(Downtown Area east side of the Union River).       (North Street and Ellsworth Falls area).

Ward Three                                                               Ward Four
867 Bangor Road –                                                         1 City Hall Plaza 1st floor Council Chambers
Maine Coast Baptist Church Gymnasium                  (Bridge Hill area west side of the Union River).
(North Ellsworth).

Please be aware if you plan to vote in person on July 14 expect longer lines and wait times to ensure the proper social distancing.  We are also strongly encouraging voters to wear a mask while in their voting place.  In order to minimize the number of people at the polls we are asking that only the eligible voter come into the voting place.