July 14th, 2022 Broadband Workshop

There will be a workshop between the City Council and the Broadband Committee, which will be open to the public, Thursday, July 14th, at 6pm, in the auditorium, 2nd floor, City Hall. The purpose of the workshop is to focus on the Broadband Committee’s initiatives over the past year, including the survey, the forum, and the draft strategic plan/roadmap.

Feedback Needed

Public feedback is encouraged about the Broadband Roadmap Final Draft (as of 9-8-2022) (printed copies available at the city clerks office).  Comments can be emailed to jrichards@ellsworthmaine.gov or mailed to Janna Richards, Economic Development Office, 1 City Hall Plaza, Ellsworth, ME 04605.


The City of Ellsworth and private internet service providers offer broadband connectivity within the City. However, there continues to be residences and businesses that do not have an adequate and/or affordable connection to the internet. In response to this challenge, the City of Ellsworth and the Ellsworth Broadband Committee have undertaken initiatives in order to better understand the City’s broadband needs. These initiatives are described in more detail below.

Citywide Broadband Survey

A broadband survey was conducted within the community throughout November and December of 2021 and there was a total of 574 responses as of January 9, 2022. A link to the survey was posted on the City’s website, as well as social media pages. A postcard mailing went out to every household and place of business in Ellsworth, providing a link to the survey, notification of a public forum, and informing the public that paper surveys were available at City Hall and the Public Library. The survey results in graphical format can be viewed at the following URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/stories/SM-S3Z5GNJQ/

City Broadband Forum

A public forum was held on November 10 2021 at City Hall in order to share information about the broadband initiative to date as well as answer any questions from the public or other stakeholders. A presentation was created to add to this discussion. The presentation is available here – 11-10-2021 Broadband Public Forum Presentation.

City of Ellsworth Broadband Strategic Plan & Roadmap – FINAL DRAFT

The City of Ellsworth Broadband Committee worked with a consultant, Mission Broadband, to draft a broadband strategic plan/roadmap. The Plan is an overview of the current state of broadband in the City of Ellsworth, outlines current efforts to understand the residential and business needs of broadband within the Ellsworth community, and identifies potential next steps for the City to consider. A link to the final draft plan can be found here – 06-06-2022 Broadband Roadmap.